Tivoli is a BEAUTIFUL amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen. It’s so Vintage/Euro Cute, I almost can’t stand it. Tenzin and I went on one of the oldest roller coasters in the world (built in 1914) I don’t think it’s really one of those things you *want* to be old, but it was cool, and we walked out alive and happy. I guess we’re currently on our amusement park tour, with one more to come!

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Parting shots from Denmark <3

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Pippi (for the kids, of course…)

I couldn’t wait to take the kids to Astrid Lindgren’s World! I was a big fan of Pippi when I was little. Hollye and I couldn’t get enough of that girl and her spunk! She was a big part of our play and dress up. Then when I moved to Sweden I got a good dose of Pippi again, since every good Swedish child should be obsessed with her. I have read many Astrid Lindgren books to my kids. Their favorites are Pippi and Emil. We are now reading Ronia the robbers daughter. So, here’s a little glance into a magical little childhood imagination come to life.

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In Emil’s snickerboa (woodshed) one of his favorite stories when he was little.
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Tiny Myla, Pippi’s bedroom and riding Lille Gubben (Pippi’s horse)