A little Heike

We spent a short but sweet weekend with Heike and her boyfriend Roberto. She had asked me to bring her some hickory sticks from Canada. I’m happy to report that after 6 countries, they weren’t just powder! She also had a little surprise for us!

IMG_9455 IMG_9460



Normally a treat for the new year, we tried a Dutch Oliebollen which translates to ‘oil ball’ (and yes they were) They think it was the original doughnut, which evolved later to have a hole in the middle. The dough was a lot more chewy than a doughnut though. It was a winner eaten still warm sprinkled with powdered sugar (we didn’t like the raisin version as much)  The other traditional Dutch thing we tried was chocolate sprinkles on buttered toast. I hear the Dutch eat it all the time. Judging from the extensive sprinkle section at the grocery store, I’d say that’s pretty true.