Island hopping in Greece

I have ALWAYS had Greece on my list, who doesn’t? The food, the beautiful islands, The FOOOD!  I have a week left, so I will be eating as much Greek salad, tzaziki, olives, cheese saganaki, etc as I possibly can. I can not get enough Greek food! We’ve been Island hopping for three weeks now, so I though I should stop eating for a minute, get off my lazy sand covered tush and write a blog post. I think I’m too relaxed to write much though, so you can just join be with these photos. Lots of love to everyone that reads my blog! XO

Life is rough
An impromptu marble carving class.
An impromptu marble carving class.
Black sand beach
Black sand beach
Greece loves cats! They are everywhere, and they are so nice!
My little darlings.
Beautiful Santorini

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Venice, my current crush

I had no idea what Venice had in store. I had seen pictures, and yes, yes, it was beautiful. No big deal. I didn’t *have* go to there. But now that I’ve been there, I get it. It really is something incredible! Because of it’s location on the water (in a lagoon) it hasn’t changed much, practically everything you see is really old. It was built on the water on purpose, and being on the water had certain advantages,  but now unfortunately it’s sinking quite quickly. It’s really sad, but also quite beautiful. Visually to have the water lapping into doors, gates, and stairs- it’s kind of like a magical world from another time. The contrast between the permanence of the buildings and sculptures and the overtaking water was so dramatic. I just feel in love with this place.

Carnival masks are everywhere- so fun!
There were so many gondolas there were often traffic jams.
St. Mark’s square was a sight to behold
Eating lemon gelato.
I found the gondoliers to be quite photogenic.
The Venice Taxi
A very beautiful door that no one can go though





This is Venice, just trying to keep her head above the water.